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C2P Galactic Glow skin gloss is the first-ever serum that can be used with makeup application. The multipurpose use of the serum makes it essential for your makeup. With just a few drops of C2P Galactic Glow skin gloss, you can make any makeup product luminous. Use it with a foundation for a shimmery effect or directly apply to the skin, its moisturizing properties will make the skin glow. Even with eyeshadow, with just a few drops of C2P Galactic Glow skin gloss, it can enhance the pigment of the eyeshadow and give a kind of density to your eyes making them, even more, shine worthy. It has a highlighting effect as you can directly apply it to the high points of your face to get a luminous effect. The product is a boon for people with dry skin, as it moisturizes the skin evenly and at the same time gives a shiny effect.

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