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C2P Pro Special Edition Now In Combo Featuring

Primer is the very first step that one needs to do before applying any sort of base. For an even application of the base, investing in a good primer is a must. C2P Ultra HD Poreless Matt Primer not only provides a canvas for your makeup, but its application instantly reduces any kind of open pores, wrinkles, or fine lines of your skin. The matt finish of this primer helps prepare the skin for the incoming loads of concealer and foundation. 

Cleaning the makeup at the end of a tiresome day can be a tedious task. Every girl desires a handy product that can easily remove all the impurities from the skin in just one go. This formula not only removes makeup easily but leaves the skin nourished and hydrated with just one application. Its smooth application is harmless on the skin and once applied, one doesn’t need to rinse the face. Get that rejuvenated feeling for your skin even at the end of every single day with the use of C2P Ultra HD Dual-Phase Eye and Lip Makeup Remover.

This 3-in-1 face wash built with a special formula to provide all the three steps super essential for skincare in just one go. It is enriched with apple extracts that have anti-aging properties and helps the skin maintain youthful elasticity for a long time. The best part about this product is that it can be used with or without water (wet wipes).

The luminous glow is a must for every party makeup. People tend to use multiple products to bring out the radiance of the makeup. With C2P we bring Ultra HD Makeup Setting mist and Fix (Shimmer), which is known to give a boost to the makeup seamlessly fixes the makeup so that the look stays as it is. The pearlescent shimmer particles make the skin shine with just a couple of spritz. It also highlights your complexion. So lock that gorgeous shimmery look with just a few sprays.

C2P Ultra Daily Brush Cleaner is used to clean the brushes and increase the lifespan of quality brushes. The antibacterial formula helps in thorough cleaning in-between makeup applications. It disinfects the brushes, leaving those strands of brushes smelling fresh and healthy. It removes all kinds of makeup impurities, oil, and dust from the brushes and the brushes dry immediately in order to use them again.  




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