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C2P Pro Cover & Conceal Derma Base Palette is another astounding product specially designed for makeup professionals. This combination of highly pigmented colors holds the capacity to be a corrector for any kind of discoloration or pigmentation of the skin. The base is slightly thick in nature and provides full coverage to the face and neck. The longevity of the formula cannot be challenged as it can last up to 24 hrs. The shades can be easily mixed with each other and the correct technique of application can do wonders for the skin. With the use of Derma Base Palette, one doesn't need to worry about any wrinkles or blemishes as you got the perfect corrector.

Shade description:

D30 is a dark orange shade corrector and is perfect to hide the dark circles.

Use D4 shade if you have fair skin.

D5 is also used as a base for dusky skin tone.

D64 works wonders for fair peachy skin tone as a concealer base.

D41/2 is most suited for medium fair skin tone.

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